Law School 360 Walkthrough

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Posted: March 24, 2024

Hawaii, with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, offers a unique setting that many find irresistible. However, its remote location poses a significant challenge, particularly for prospective law students considering the Richardson law school. The logistical hurdles and financial burden of visiting the campus can deter many from exploring this opportunity.

Recognizing this barrier, I sought to bridge the gap between potential students and their aspirations by leveraging technology. Inspired by the innovative solutions commonly used in real estate, we developed a 360-degree photo walkthrough of the campus. This immersive experience allows users to explore the law school from anywhere in the world. By simply using their mouse, viewers can navigate through the campus in every direction, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its layout and facilities. As users traverse the campus, they encounter informational cards that provide insights into the various landmarks and buildings they're viewing. This feature enriches the experience, offering a deeper appreciation of what the Richardson has to offer. Try out the visit yourself at

The creation of this virtual tour was surprisingly straightforward and cost-effective. I utilized a GoPro Max 360 camera, equipped with dual fisheye lenses, capable of capturing the entire surroundings in a single shot. The interactive elements and hosting of the tour were facilitated by, a platform that is dedicated to sharing immersive 360-degree content.

Should this virtual tour resonate, I envision expanding its application to other facets of the law school experience, such as our legal clinics and study abroad programs. This initiative represents just the beginning of our efforts to make Richardson more accessible and engaging.


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